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Sometimes I don’t really know what to write, and then I think oh, you shouldn’t write for the sake of writing, you should write because–because you’re trying to write something. Because you’re trying to convey something. Because there’s a story you have to tell, a thought to flesh out, a destination to get to. You’re… Continue reading Writing

The Model Minority is Losing Patience

As an applicant, students are urged to find a school that is most in line with their personality. Even introverted, or uncomfortable, students have to spill their most personal stories to strangers in the series of required short essays. All of this, for what? The “holistic” measure by which schools judge applicants. In exchange for your… Continue reading The Model Minority is Losing Patience


I met him in New York City. We are on a charter bus, me sitting in front of him with my friend next to me asleep. Thousands of lights streak by with the rain and I watch as he speaks to his friends, simultaneously the center of the conversation and dodging through the outskirts, making… Continue reading him

Tiger Parents

For those unfamiliar with this term, tiger parenting refers to using unyielding, strict, and even brutal methods in order to bring about successful results in children. Most prevalent in Oriental immigrant families who have worked hard to move to the Western world, children are expected to work even harder to continue raising the family’s status. This… Continue reading Tiger Parents